V2X / C2X Certificates

The first and only automotive root certificate authority and provider of production V2X and C2X digital certificates

V2X / C2X Certificate Management Service

The ISS CMS is the defacto standard in V2X/C2X credentials and world’s first turnkey managed service in production today to securely generate and distribute vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure certificates direct to vehicle and roadside communication devices.

  • V2V, V2I, C2C, and C2I certificates
  • CAMP, IEEE 1609.2-2016, ETSI TS 103 097 compliant
  • Test and Production Keys

Each target is securely provisioned with:

  • CMS Infrastructure Certificates
  • Multiple years of Pseudonym Certificates per unit
  • Continuing compliance with developing V2V and C2C specifications
  • Current Certificate Revocation List
  • Over-the-air certificate top-offs over any network
  • Uninterrupted production with redundant power, database, and network failover

Meet US Department of Transportation’s New Proposed Rule Making, Docket no. NHTSA-2016-0126 for mandatory V2V communication

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