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Advanced Security

In the event of a hack, how exposed are your keys and certificates? The ISS Embedded Cryptographic Module™ includes the latest algorithms, certificate management, and encrypted key storage integrated to your environment.

Embedded Cryptographic Module™

How does your device protect digital trust assets from physical and network attacks?
The ISS Embedded Cryptographic Module (ECM) stands alone in the protection of your product’s critical keys and data. Separate from untrusted applications and kernel, ECM is integrated with your hardware for the highest assurance.



Achieve high level security knowing keys and data are safe. ECM encrypts all digital trust assets to prevent viewing by malware and physical probe – only granting access to authenticated software.

Supplement hardware with additional algorthms and certificate management. ECM allows developers to repurpose and transition hardware platforms without redesigning software, making it ideal for use in low cost devices and across product lines.

Your product and process are unique. Unlike a cryptographic library, ECM supports provisioning and use by all system components – meeting the needs of your complex supply chain.

Actively Maintained Cryptographic Module

ECM is continuously updated for the latest in commercial and government algorithms, including the highest level of expert support you will find

Cross-Industry Support

Ideally suited for low cost embedded processors and microcontrollers needing high level security:

  • Automotive ECUs
  • Industrial Controllers
  • Smart Grid
  • Medical Devices

Controlled Access

ECM integrates with hardware to encrypt device keys and trust anchors so they're only available to authenticated software