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Secure Software Updates and Analytics

Designed for Global Automotive and IoT

Connected devices are increasingly being tasked to receive Over-The-Air (OTA) updates for software reliant systems and components, including data harvesting/AI techniques by back office systems. The benefits for OEMs and Device Manufacturers are significant: mitigation of recall expenses, faster cyber event response, feature enhancements after launch, new revenue opportunities and product-use monitoring. Along with these benefits comes a need to manage the complex packaging of software for thousands of ECUs, data campaigns for millions of vehicles or devices on a global scale, and ensuring support for a wide variety of hardware platforms and suppliers.

INTEGRITY Security Services’ (ISS) DLM OTA provides hardware agnostic solutions for secure OTA service delivery capability for all IoT devices including automotive and manufacturing applications. Pre-integrated with it’s award winning secure provisioning product (DLM-PKI/KMS), customers have the world’s most secure and reliable device management and OTA update delivery system with a variety of configurable implementation options. Using a secure back-end management portal, OEMs customers can efficiently execute multi-ECU software and data update campaigns, both securely and at scale with customer query ability and control, including configurable device and back-end business logic

ISS’ DLM Analytics offering provides a lightweight data collection capability using the same transport mechanism as the OTA delivery. Customers can now target the sensor payload that they want to retrieve, sub-sample it to avoid costly data charges, and then retrieve and store it in a data lake for processing and interpretation at a later point in time.

Secure Device Management

The DLM OTA Service includes all hardware, software, and expert services to deploy remote management and updates.

Device Lifecycle Management System™

Complete security infrastructure for today’s complex supply chains


Launch now - and add features, fix bugs, and continuously improve your products, DLM OTA keeps fielded devices updated with the latest firmware - eliminating recalls and service costs.


Encrypted and reliable - DLM OTA protects data during transit and storage. Combine with other DLM security services to digitally sign updates and credential devices to satisfy industry requirements.


DLM OTA provides robust management capabilities along with unparalleled flexibility to modify, configure, and manage users, devices, vehicles, workflow, authorizations, campaigns and scheduling.


Complete device management over any network. Flexible OMA-DM and SCOMO protocols give developers the power to customize monitoring and control device data and operations.


DLM OTA is based on ISS' Device Lifecycle Management platform - a proven , scalable and reliable enterprise system operating globally in complex 24 x 365 manufacturing environments.