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INTEGRITY Security Services Joins CharIN as a Regular Member

SANTA BARBARA, CA — January 4, 2023 — INTEGRITY Security Services (ISS) today announces that it has joined the CharIN Association as a regular member. ISS Security Credential Management System (SCMS) provides electronic vehicles and the ecosystem Plug and Charge digital certificates from its high assurance SCMS. ISS is committed to helping secure global OEMs by providing solutions for enabling trust across the CharIN EV ecosystem from EVs to CPOs to eMSPs.

“We are very excited for ISS to join the CharIN Consortium,” says David Sequino, CoFounder and President of INTEGRITY Security Services. “ISS is an industry leader in SCMS V2X digital certificates and its involvement in CharIN will provide our members a trusted partner to ensure trust in the EV ecosystem.”

CharIN is the leading global association with over 290 members dedicated to promote interoperability based on the Combined Charging System (CCS) as the global standard for charging vehicles of all kinds.

“ISS is pleased to join CharIN and help its members ensure that the Combined Charging System (CSS) is secure and trusted,” says Brian Romansky, GM Connected Vehicle Solutions at INTEGRITY Security Services.

The ISS SCMS is the de facto standard in SCMS V2X / C-ITS credentials and the world’s first turnkey managed service in production today to securely generate and distribute vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) and electric vehicle-to-grid (eV2G) Plug and Charge PNC) certificates direct to vehicle and roadside communication devices.

ISS solutions prevent cyber security attacks using standards-based cryptography to lock down interfaces, secure network communication, and detect software tampering while protecting keys and digital trust assets throughout the supply chain.

The ISS SCMS has now been used to create two national-level credential management systems. In 2017, ISS delivered the V2X Root CA and Certificate Management System that actively serve North American connected vehicle projects. This Root CA has attained and maintained the WebTrust for Certification Authorities Trust Services Seal. In 2019, ISS delivered Australia’s Queensland C-ITS Security Credential Management System (AU CSCMS), which includes the current Australian C-ITS Root CA. In addition to these production-grade systems, ISS provides the SCMS infrastructures used throughout the world in various pilots, trials, and research projects.

About INTEGRITY Security Services
INTEGRITY Security Services LLC (ISS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Green Hills Software LLC and was established to provide best practice embedded security products and infrastructure solutions for protecting smart connected devices from cyber security attacks. End-to-end automotive solutions range from secure ECU platforms, to large-scale public key management systems, to supply chain security solutions. As the leading V2X certificate provider, ISS operates the V2X Root CA and provides its V2X Certificate Management Service (SCMS) to both DSRC and C-V2X OBUs and RSUs used in USDOT CV Pilots and other state and local DOT projects across the United States. For more information, please visit

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