Internet of Secure Things

ISS supports product developers in all industries with high quality cryptographic libraries maintained for the speed of your technology.

Develop Secure Devices

As the number of connected devices grow, so does the threat of a cyber security attack. In addition to compromised data and reliability, attackers will do anything to pivot from your networked devices to gain access to higher profile targets.

The ISS Embedded Cryptographic Toolkit (ECT) is a standards-based, FIPS 140-2 compliant, platform agnostic cryptographic library for embedded used by developers in all industries to protect their product's data, intellectual property, and reliability from hacking and cyber security attacks. ECT is the foundation of secure IoT devices with the latest algorithms for implementing confidentiality, authentication, and integrity.

Why Embedded Developers Choose ECT

  • ECT is compatible with ARM, Intel, Power Architecture, and MIPS targets within INTEGRITY, FreeRTOS, Linux, Android, Windows and other embedded operating systems or none at all
  • ISS tests ECT on your target to ensure it passes NIST known answers tests prior to acceptance.
  • Why should unused algorithms take up all your memory? ISS customizes ECT for specific memory and performance constraints.
  • ISS can customize ECT to encapsulate hardware security features to optimize security, usability, and performance.
  • Expert technical support and updates as your security requirements evolve
  • Complete product line support for manufacturing and key management

ECT Protocol Add-Ons

Extend your ECT security platform with the following protocol options:



The ideal protocol for secure communication between applications over untrusted networks


IPSec/IKE Stack

High assurance security at the network IP layer with no changes to existing applications.


SSH Stack

Portable ANSI C SDK for secure interactive shell and tunneled TCP/IP security, compatible with standard clients.

Actively Maintained Cryptographic Library

ECT is continously updated for the latest in commercial and government Suite B algorithms. Includes AES, DES, RSA, and Elliptic Curve (ECC). Contact us for a complete list of algorithms supported.

FIPS 140-2 Certification Packages

ECT is FIPS certified on several operating environments. Contact us to bundle FIPS certification with your ECT delivery.

Customizable for the most rigorous requirements

ISS security experts customize and maintain ECT to meet the tightest memory and performance constraints.